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  • Date 26 April 2016

International journal features KAPSARC energy for water research

Energy for water

The Special Issue: Energy for Water: Regional Case Studies edition of the International Journal of Water Resources Development (Vol. 32, No. 3) features an article from KAPSARC researchers Christopher Napoli and Berenice Garcia-Tellez. Christopher Napoli is also the guest editor.

A framework for understanding energy for water offers a framework for understanding how energy is used to meet water demand in countries. Specifically, the relationships between energy use and water scarcity, the location of renewable waters resources, and aggregate water demand are explored.

The article also examines how policy options such as water price reforms, agriculture subsidies and crop elimination may influence the energy use and energy intensity of water withdrawals. Conclusions suggest that while policy options exist, certain uncontrollable factors such as severe water scarcity or substantial freshwater abundance limit the ability of some countries to significantly improve the aggregate energy efficiency of water provision.

The article can be downloaded HERE.

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