• Episode number EPISODE 02
  • Duration 21:21
  • Language English
  • Date 18th June 2019

Dr. Amro Elshurafa, a research fellow at KAPSARC, discusses current trends in renewables, with a particular emphasis on solar PV. In this episode, our guest examines factors that contribute to the fast uptake of solar PV technologies globally and regionally.


Amro Elshurafa

Amro Elshurafa Amro is a research Fellow with 20 years of experience in energy and technology garnered on three continents. His research…


  • Renewable Energy Policy
  • Power Sector Modeling
  • Hybrid Microgrid Design and Optimization
  • Storage and Solar PV Industry


Nawaz Peerbocus

Nawaz Peerbocus Nawaz is the Strategy and Planning Director at KAPSARC. He was previously the program director for Energy Transitions and Electric…

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