Project Aim

This joint research project of KAPSARC and Saudi Aramco aims on the development of a dynamic input-output (I-O) table, which would reflect the anticipated structural and technological changes in the Saudi economy, notably in the context of the Vision 2030 initiative. The study should also shed light on channels through which output is likely to be produced, distributed and consumed in the transformed economy, with particular emphasis on the link between the economy and energy. Adjustments in the labour market reflecting economic transformation and demographic developments are also considered.

The Vision 2030 includes a set of policies aiming at economic diversification, improved energy efficiency, introduction of new technologies, social transformation and support of emerging sectors such as manufacturing and tourism. These policies are expected to have a substantial impact on the Saudi economy, shaping the need for an adequate and flexible tool for projecting and evaluating structural adjustments in the economy. Overall, the result is about to provide a comprehensive picture of the Saudi economy in the post Vision 2030 era, focusing on performance, composition and the energy sector.


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