• Focus Area -
  • Type Think20 (T20)
  • Date 1 April 2020


Humanitarian organizations estimate that there are more than 25.9 million refugees and 41.3 million internally displaced persons worldwide (UNHCR 2020). Humanitarian organizations and host governments often struggle to meet the basic survival needs of communities on the move. The basics of food, shelter, sanitation, and health care are often the initial focus, with access to education forgotten. We recommend that the international community place access to education for migrant youths as a global public good and reinforce the need for strategic education partnerships to ensure that young people can continue their education, even in times of displacement.



Sara Lechtenberg-Kasten

زميل باحث عذرًا، هذا المحتوى متوفر فقط باللغة الإنجليزية عذرًا، هذا المحتوى متوفر فقط باللغة الإنجليزية

Sarah Bakhsh

Sarah Bakhsh

Tim Frazier

Tim Frazier

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