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  • Date 23 April 2020


The study explores the impact of international tourism on consumption-based CO2 emissions in the case of Azerbaijan for the period of 1995–2013. The results of the long-run estimations revealed that the relationship between COemissions and international tourism revenues is N-shaped. This finding also indicates that the EKC hypothesis does not hold in the case of Azerbaijan. The found curvature of the relationship and the positive impact of tourism on CO2emissions are in line with the expectations, considering the developing path of the country. Moreover, the impacts of imports and exports are found to be positive and negative, respectively, which are in line with the expectations and with the theoretical findings discussed in the theoretical framework section. The positive impact of tourism and the higher impact of imports highlights the importance of utilizing the environmentally friendly policies in tourism activities as well as in international trade relations.


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Shahriyar Mukhtarov

Shahriyar Mukhtarov

Jeyhun Mikayilov

Research Fellow Jeyhun is a research fellow at KAPSARC. He received his B.A. and M.S. from Azerbaijan State University (now Baku State… Jeyhun is a research fellow at KAPSARC. He received his B.A. and M.S. from Azerbaijan State University (now Baku State University) in mathematics. Jeyhun holds a Ph.D. in applied mathematics and a D.S. in econometrics. Before joining KAPSARC in September 2017, Jeyhun was an associate professor at the Department of Statistics and Econometrics at Azerbaijan State University, and the Department of Economics at Qafqaz University, where he taught econometrics, statistics, and mathematical economics. His other roles have included director of the Research Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities, and head of the Center for Socio-Economic Research. Jeyhun was a postdoctoral researcher at Indiana University Bloomington, United States (U.S.). He has also been a visiting researcher at several institutions, including the Center for Econometric Research, Sungyunkwan University in Seoul, South Korea; Vistula University, Warsaw, Poland; the University of North Texas, and the University of South Texas, both in the U.S. Jeyhun’s research is focused on applied time series econometrics, the economics of energy, the environment and sustainable development. He has authored over 40 scientific articles published in peer-reviewed journals and is an editorial board member of the International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Review, the Journal of Management, Economics and Industrial Organization, and the Journal of Socio-Economic Studies, and a member of the International Association for Energy Economics.


  • Applied Time Series Econometrics
  • The Economics of Energy and Environment
  • Sustainable Development

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Jeyhun Mammadov

Jeyhun Mammadov

Shahriyar Aliyev

Shahriyar Aliyev

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