• Primary Program Energy Macro and Micro-Economics
  • Research Interests Economic modeling and forecasting, time series econometrics, macroeconomic models for policy analyses, energy economics, environmental economics, and fuzzy logic applications.


Heyran Aliyeva is a research lead at KAPSARC, and part of the KAPSARC Global Energy Macroeconometric Model (KGEMM) project with 20 years of experience in economic modeling and forecasting. Before this project, she was involved in the Saudi Circular Carbon Economy National Program.

Prior to joining KAPSARC, she conducted evidence-based analysis at the crossroads of monetary and fiscal policies to inform the decision-making process at the Central Bank of Azerbaijan, as a senior economist. She also served as a researcher and lecturer in various universities and the Azerbaijan National Academy of Science.

Her research interest covers macroeconomics, econometric modeling and forecasting, fuzzy logic applications, energy economics, and environmental economics. She holds a Ph.D. in econometrics.

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