• Primary Program Transport and Urban Infrastructures
  • Research Interests Transport Demand Modeling, Aviation Transport, Impact Assessment of Transport Policies, Sustainable Transport, Transport Economics and Energy Assessments


Andres is a transport research fellow with over 22 years of experience in transportation. His research focuses on transportation demand planning, the macroeconomic impact of transportation policies, multi-regional input-output models, hybrid integrated models for transport, and demand and supply models of energy and transportation systems. Before joining KAPSARC, he was an associate professor and visiting lecturer in the Escuela Colombiana de Ingenieria, Universidad de Los Andes, and Universidad Javeriana in Colombia. He was also a researcher in the Transportation Research Center (TRANSyT) at the Technical University of Madrid in Spain. He has also worked on many transportation projects as a senior transportation consultant for public and private companies, at Bogota’s District Secretary Planning Office and the Bogota Metro Line 1 project with the China Harbour Engineering Company.

Andres holds a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from the Escuela Colombiana de Ingenieria in Colombia. He also has an M.Sc. in Complex Transport Infrastructure Systems from the MIT Portugal Program (Lisbon) and a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering Systems – Transportation from Madrid’s Technical University in Spain.


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PPPs in Colombia: Policy Lessons

PPPs in Colombia: Policy Lessons

Latin American countries have introduced private participation in the transport sector to decrease the economic resources spent in projects’ time line. This private participation has also increased the development of corridors in which governments have taken more presence, allowing trade, either at the regional or international market level. However, the path followed by those countries has involved adjustments in regulations, laws, policies, risk management, financing, and guarantees. Read Book Chapter    

22nd July 2022
Post-Covid Recovery of Air Traffic in Saudi Arabia

Post-Covid Recovery of Air Traffic in Saudi Arabia

The dramatic drop in air traffic caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the related travel restrictions has significantly impacted the aviation industry in Saudi Arabia and around the world. The sector has suffered considerable losses due to the reduction in passenger traffic.

25th May 2022
Aviation Fuel Consumed and Passengers Carried in Saudi Arabia

Aviation Fuel Consumed and Passengers Carried in Saudi Arabia

The air transport sector in Saudi Arabia has an important impact on the economy (e.g., job creation, gross domestic product, and gross value added). Over 690 routes are registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for both domestic and international travel. There are currently 141 domestic routes. This data insight presents the fuel consumed and total passengers carried by the aviation sector over the past 10 years.

7th December 2021
Key Improvements in the Saudi Aviation Sector: Exploring the Performance of the Passenger Load Factor

Key Improvements in the Saudi Aviation Sector: Exploring the Performance of the Passenger Load Factor

Aviation is a significant contributor to the global economy, given that it, directly and indirectly, contributes to jobs, tourism, trade, and countries’ gross domestic product (GDP). However, environmental issues, technological advances, consumer behavior, energy consumption, the volume of passenger and cargo air traffic, and the liberalization of markets have challenged this sector’s ability to continue as a catalyst for future economic development.

5th March 2023

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