• Primary Program Energy and Macroeconomics
  • Research Interests Labor Economics, demography, policy analysis.


Cian contributes to the KAPSARC initiative on Productivity and Economic Diversification in Saudi Arabia. His current work focuses on economic diversification in Saudi Arabia, labor dynamics in GCC countries, gender employment gaps in the GCC, and policy recommendations for Saudi Vision 2030 goals. Before joining the center, he worked as an energy analyst in Vienna. Most recently, he served as the editor of Intereconomics Review of European Economic Policy in Hamburg, where he worked with academics all over the world to publish and promote diverse research topics for a policy-oriented readership.


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How to Empower Saudi Women in the Labor Force?

How to Empower Saudi Women in the Labor Force?

In the week when Saudi Arabia celebrated its first anniversary of women drivers in the Kingdom and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman accepted the chair of the G20 summit for 2020, G20 countries – including Saudi Arabia – reaffirmed their commitment to furthering the empowerment of women in society. Pew Research also released a report showing that Saudi Arabia had the fastest growing female labor force participation rate of all the G20 countries. Increasing female labor force participation, a key target of Saudi Vision 2030, is a key indicator of female empowerment. In light of these developments, it is worth taking a look at the factors that influence female labor force participation.

July 7, 2019

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