• Primary Program Energy Transitions and Electric Power
  • Research Interests Electricity Markets, Energy Transition, Energy and Climate Policy


Marie is a senior research associate in the Energy Transitions and Electric Power program at KAPSARC. Her current research focuses include power system modeling and market designs for energy transitions.

Prior to joining KAPSARC, Marie worked as a research engineer within the Research and Development (R&D) unit of the utility group EDF in Paris, France. During her EDF journey, she worked on long-term and short-term electricity market design, transmission grids at the European scale, and smart-charging opportunities for electric vehicles. Marie also worked as a researcher within the market department of the French Transmission System Operator RTE.

Marie holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Dauphine University, PSL (France), an M.Sc. in environmental and energy economics from École des Ponts ParisTech (France), and an M.Sc. in engineering from ENSTA Institut Polytechnique de Paris (France).


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Renewables, Reliability and Efficiency in Electricity Markets

Renewables, Reliability and Efficiency in Electricity Markets

The choice to use electricity markets to transition to an ultra-high renewable electricity sector depends on whether a high level of reliability and efficiency can be achieved. This study presents a reliability, resiliency and adaptability policy framework for a liberalized power system with a high share of renewables. This framework provides policy insights regarding electricity market reliability and the implications of remuneration mechanisms for renewables. Our analysis shows that it is necessary to reconsider adequacy assessments of liberalized power systems, to enhance the definition of the loss of load probability, and to explicitly consider the probability that the market clears. Under these conditions, electricity markets can theoretically achieve reliability and efficiency with large percentages of variable and intermittent renewable resources with zero or near-zero marginal costs, and market and technical challenges can be addressed.  

29th December 2021
Why are European Wholesale Electricity Prices Soaring?

Why are European Wholesale Electricity Prices Soaring?

Since the beginning of summer 2021, European wholesale electricity prices have been soaring to historic highs. The average day-ahead price of electricity for central European countries more than doubled between June and September, reaching 170 euros per megawatthour (e/MWh) on September 15. This data insight discusses this unprecedented increase in wholesale electricity prices and their key drivers.  

23rd November 2021
Climate and Power System Reliability in the Aftermath of the Texas Blackouts

Climate and Power System Reliability in the Aftermath of the Texas Blackouts

The February 2021 blackout in Texas underscored the importance of reliable and resilient power systems. In this commentary, we discuss the roles of regulators, markets, fuel and generation supply chains, and interdependent infrastructures, and finds that they need to be reconsidered and redefined to successfully meet the future challenges of increased electrification and severe weather.

25th August 2021

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