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      Modeling Sectoral Employment in Saudi Arabia

      Modeling Sectoral Employment in Saudi Arabia

      Fakhri Hasanov, Jeyhun Mikayilov, Moayad H. Al-Rassasi, Mohammed Al-Abdullah, Fred Joutz, Muhammad Javid

      Achieving the desired level of employment is central to macroeconomic policy. Regulators should have a better understanding of employment dynamics in order to design appropriate policies and test their impact. Healthy employment levels not only benefit household income and the production factor of firms, but also…

      Fakhri Hasanov Hasanov, Fakhri
      Jeyhun Mikayilov Mikayilov, Jeyhun
      Moayad H. Al-Rassasi Moayad H. Al-Rassasi
      Mohammed Al-Abdullah Mohammed Al-Abdullah
      Fred Joutz Joutz, Fred
      Muhammad Javid Javid, Muhammad